If you have just moved into the village : Welcome!

Please take a look at our village welcome letter.  It provides lots of information which we hope you will find useful.  It can be downloaded here.

And to help you become involved, we would like to introduce you to some groups in the village…

We have a Village Society which all villagers are automatically members of.  Chenies Village Society (CVS) is a Social Society keeping the village informed & arranging fun events for the community.  Please contact Jasmine Lewis at jasmineflewis@yahoo.co.uk

There is a village emailing list.  The contact to get added to it is marcus.chenies@gmail.com

And there is a Chenies Village Society group on Facebook.  Sign up through Facebook in the usual way.

A couple more useful tips…

Weekly Fish Delivery

Bradley delivers fresh fish to the village every Monday afternoon at 5pm.  He parks outside Forge End which is at the School end of Claypits Lane. There is a Whatsapp Group so he can send out reminders and let us know if he is not coming or delayed.  Contact Jasmine (email address above) to be added to the Whatsapp list.

Postal and Administrative Addresses

You have probably already discovered that Chenies is in Buckinghamshire (to whom you pay your council tax) but the postal address is Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.  Please be aware that this can cause confusion and might be an issue with credit checking institutions.

As far as council tax is concerned, we would suggest asking Buckinghamshire Council to set the billing address to your postal address in Hertfordshire.