The Parish Council has a consultee role to Buckinghamshire Council in regard to planning issues.  It does not have any decision making powers.  We receive details of planning applications within the parish and will frequently comment on them – our comments are publicly accessible and visible on Buckinghamshire Council’s planning web site (details below).

Much of the land in and around the village is AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Conservation Area or Green Belt.  This means that there are strict controls on development – specifically, within the Conservation Area, there are no permitted development rights and any work on trees requires permission before it is carried out.

It is our policy not to be seen to support an application unless it is to the benefit of many residents.  So we will either object to a plan or simply say “no objection”.  We are allowed to request that any particularly contentious applications are “called in” for Buckinghamshire Council’s planning comittee to consider rather than being dealt with by the council’s planning staff.

On-line access to Buckinghamshire Council’s planning web site can be found at

On the Buckinghamshire Council planning site, at the bottom of the page, in the box marked “Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address.”, enter the postcode or planning reference (e.g. PL/21/9999/FA) of the application you wish to see.  (PC agendas and minutes should always contain the planning application reference).