Village Pond clear-up in progress

Did you know we have a Village Pond? – updated

You’ve probably driven past it hundreds of times – it’s next to the entrance to the Cricket Club.  For many years it had been overgrown, covered in brambles, wild roses and hawthorn.  But now you can see it again.

Thank you to the dozen or so volunteers who helped cut down and clear the vegetation and rod through the drains from the road.

As you can see in the last photo below, the pond has already started to fill again and will hopefully become the haven for wild-life it once used to be.

It will, of course, require regular maintenance.  There will be another opportunity to get your wellies or waders on and help later in the autumn when we plan to clear some of the mud and reduce the height of the trees and hedge behind it.

The Village Pond

The overgrown Village Pond – before clearance

Clearing the Village Pond

Clearing the Village Pond – work in progress

The Village Pond

The Village Pond after clear-up

The Village Pond filling up 4 days after clearance

The Village Pond filling up 4 days after clearance