Best Kept Village sign

Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition

The results are in and Chenies has been awarded a Certificate of Merit with 166 points out of a possible 200.  Weedon was the winner.

Chenies Judges Notes

Graveyards and surrounds well maintained at Baptist Chapel and church

Playing field grass well mowed with some litter around the pavilion. Some of the surrounds looked a little untidy – stacks of pallets etc.

No formal floral displays

Village Hall  sun room at the Baptist chapel is well used..a very well mowed and tidy area. School in progress so couldn’t judge School Hall..also used by the village.

General environmental features, well looked after, some hedges clipped, some left for nesting birds. Pond slightly overgrown but decision about its natural state noted. The verges opposite the pubs were extremely well mowed. The village pump had a few cobwebs.

Bedford Arms and Red Lion pubs were tidy outside and well kept, with good planting.

Bus shelter had some litter, a very good noticeboard

No war memorial average mark given

Overall appearance was very good, generally litter free, even on the long footpath into the village. Good evidence of community involvement

A good map was provided with some very useful information.