Slow down sign

Movable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS)

Our MVASA Movable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) is a road sign which is triggered by the speed of an approaching vehicle and which can be moved from site to site.

The Parish Council purchased one in 2018 and it has been active around the village since.  There are 3 locations where we are allowed to install it and it is moved between them on a regular basis.  These are opposite the Red Lion, opposite the Bedford Arms and on Latimer Road in Chenies Bottom.

The MVAS will flash a speed warning for vehicles exceeding the speed limit (30mph).  It records the speed of the vehicle and time of day.  This data can then be analysed to monitor the volume of traffic and average traffic speeds.

We can see that :

          • There are, on average over 2000 vehicle movements each and every day;
          • Several cars were travelling over 60mph in Chenies Bottom;
          • Over 50% of vehicles along Chenies Bottom exceed the 30mph speed limit;
          • Through the village, by the Bedford Arms, “only” a quarter exceed the speed limit during daylight hours

Here are some of the recent analysis graphs which we have produced.  Each graph shows the average speed of all vehicles, the average speed of speeding vehicles (i.e. those travelling over 30mph) and the percentage of vehicles which were speeding: All broken down by hour of the day.